Trang chủ Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence

Words That Change Minds: The 14 Patterns for Mastering the Language of Influence


Do you work and live with people who are hard to convince? Who dismiss ideas before even thinking about them?

Do you want to know how to influence people, without being manipulative?

Want to find out how people get motivated, make decisions, to be more persuasive with everyone?

Learn how to use the right words with the right people, and get through the “Communication Wall”

you ever felt like you were talking to a wall? Well, that’s a very
accurate description of what’s happening when 2 people are
communicating! Everyone has a metaphorical “Communication Wall” around
them to protect them from “bad people”. But in all of our walls, we have
left some bricks out, to let the “good people” communicate with us.

problem in communication is not the wall, because the wall is standard
equipment that everyone has. The problem comes from the holes where the
bricks have been left out. The holes come in specific shapes, unique to
each person.

And if you want to communicate with that person,
you need to use words, and behavior that fit exactly with the holes in
the other person’s wall.

Shelle Rose Charvet, best-selling
author of Words That Change Minds shows you how to match your language
to people around you (in your work, with your colleagues, your boss and
your clients, and at home, with your partner, family and other

Learn the persuasion psychology, spark interest and enthusiasm and get what you want.

In Words That Change Minds you will:

- Learn the influence science and practice.
- Discover the ways people unconsciously get motivated, process information and make decisions.
- Decode any communication problem and solve it.
- Find out how to pry open mental space in even the most closed of minds.
- Create rapport and credibility with anyone.
- Avoid inadvertently saying or doing the wrong thing.
Get practical applications for sales, marketing, recruiting,
negotiation, teaching, training, communication at work, conflict
- Increase your impact in interpersonal communication, teamwork, and in mass communication.

That Change Minds is based on the Language and Behavior Profile, (LAB
Profile® for short) – a powerful tool that enables you to understand,
predict and influence behavior by de-coding the language people use.

can directly influence people one-on-one, in groups and even in mass
communication by customizing your language to match their subconscious
Motivation Patterns.

Increase your impact, improve relationships and reduce conflicts, by using the Words That Change Minds.

NEW 3rd edition of Words That Change Minds has more than 50% new
material; examples, research, advanced applications, with 7 completely
new chapters, including:
1. How to Complete a LAB Profile®
2. Conversational Coaching with the LAB Profile®
3. Understanding and Working with Combination Patterns
4. Solving Communication Problems
5. Influencing Strategies and Techniques
6. The LAB Profile® of Conflict
7. LAB Profile® Inventions and Tools, and more.

Interested? Just scroll up and get your copy today!

About the author:

Rose Charvet is a bestselling author and the international expert on
Influencing Language. The earlier editions of, “Words That Change Minds”
are international bestsellers, available in 15 languages. Shelle has
been researching and teaching for over 35 years and is known for her
advanced techniques used to enhance rapport, trust, credibility, and
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