Trang chủ Advanced Reading Power: Extensive Reading, Vocabulary Building, Comprehension Skills, Reading Faster

Advanced Reading Power: Extensive Reading, Vocabulary Building, Comprehension Skills, Reading Faster


Advanced Reading Power, by Beatrice S. Mikulecky and Linda Jeffries, is a student-centered reading skills textbook based on a cognitive skills approach. Its four key sections, designed to be used concurrently, help advanced students master reading skills needed for academic success:

  • Extensive Reading helps students to build reading fluency, increase comprehension, and broaden vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary Building includes numerous strategies for learning vocabulary, including using context clues, analyzing word parts, and noticing collocations.
  • Comprehension Skills teaches reading skills, such as making inferences, recognizing patterns of organization, and reading critically.
  • Reading Faster features high-interest, nonfiction selections that help students improve their reading rate and flexibility.
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Reading Power
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